Keeping Fit at Home: PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells

I have tried it so many times, whenever I had the smallest inkling of motivation, or it was part of the “New Me” New Year’s Resolution – or even worse when the panic set in before the bikini season starts…THE GYM MEMBERSHIP. 

Unfortunately, I found I paid for nothing. I lasted about three months and then I suddenly found myself dreading the thought of “having to go” because I paid for it. Look, many people love going to the gym, and they can commit themselves to exercising in that environment. I really hoped that I too would be bitten by the “gym bug” but it just never happened. I just did not find enjoyment in being squeezed into a room with sweaty people for a Zumba class. The worst was the weights area which was often full of pumped-up men walking around posing and looking in a mirror. 

The other factor that made it difficult was time. I was looking for a quick way to get exercise done within half an hour to an hour, without having to drive somewhere or trying to find someone to take care of my child.  This is when I started to exercise at home. There are literally tens of thousands of workout videos for free that help you keep fit. 

I engage in a few different workout types and try to include a mix of cardio, yoga and Pilates, toning and strength-based exercises. I did invest in some equipment which has helped me to exercise and to measure my goals. 

Here are some of my favourite products:


I exercise a lot with the guys from They offer 100’s of free workouts, some with no equipment, and for some you need weights (Dumbbells). I followed their suggestion and invested in a pair of PowerBlock weights. The big pro about these weights is that they are adjustable.  With a simple change, you can increase or decrease the weight depending on how strong you are, and on what part of your body you are training. These weights are really great if you don’t have a lot of space too because they are essentially 10 sets of Dumbbells in one. The dumbbells have different weight categories, so there is something for everyone. For example, both my husband who is much bigger and stronger than me, and my mother who is smaller and not as strong, use the same set of PowerBlocks.

One set of PowerBlocks is very versatile, but they also come in different sizes so there really is an option for everyone. I own the 3-24 lb version. Click on the image below to view it on Amazon.

There is also a heavier (5-50 lb) version which you can view below. Click the image to buy on Amazon.

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