Iberostar Pinos Park Review – Perfect Family Hotel in Majorca

A dream holiday for the family

In August 2023 we stayed at this wonderful hotel, with another family. We had a total of 3 kids and 6 adults in our group, with an age range of 5 to 65. From the moment we arrived until the (very sad) moment we left it was in many ways the ideal family holiday. If you aren’t from Europe, (like me) you probably aren’t familiar with the European family hotel experience. Continental Europe has a totally different approach to family hotel experiences than say Australia, England or the USA. And when I say different, what I actually mean is better. Family hotels, particularly those with all-inclusive packages, are common in Europe. And because it’s a competitive market, the quality is very high – And Hotel Pinos Park was certainly no exception.

Getting there

We hired a private shuttle to the hotel from the main Airport on Mallorca. It took roughly 1 hour and was a smooth and easy ride – and because we were a large group it wasn’t too expensive. We took the public bus on the way home, and it took roughly twice as long. The Airport on Majorca is huge and extremely busy. So, don’t expect a quaint little “holiday mode” airport where everything is relaxed and slow. It’s like an Airport in a major city, so it’s best to be prepared and know where you are going when you land. We flew in from Innsbruck Austria, and the flight was inexpensive and a little over an hour in duration.

Our experience at Hotel Pinos Park Majorca (Mallorca)

We arrived at the hotel at around 10pm and were greeted with a glass of champagne by very warm and friendly staff. Check in was smooth and easy, and then we were shown to our rooms by the valet, who took care of all our bags. Our room was clean and comfortable, and easily large enough for our family (2 adults and a 5-year-old boy). All rooms have a balcony, and we could hear the ocean clearly from our room.  In a nice touch, the kitchen stays open for late arrivals, so we enjoyed a late-night Spanish supper in the vast dining room with our friends and very excited kids. Nighttime temperatures were warm but not stifling, and with the ocean very nearby the climate was close to perfect.

When we awoke on the morning of our first full day at Pinos Park we made the short walk to breakfast and were blown away by what we saw. As we had arrived at night, we had no idea how beautiful the surrounds were! The hotel grounds were spacious and clean and filled with greenery, and the sparkling turquoise ocean was clearly visible from most parts of the hotel. We had heard the ocean the night before but hadn’t seen it yet and didn’t realise how close it actually was. We made our way past families setting up for a big day at the pool, and met our friends for breakfast. The dining hall is huge, and has a massive choice of cuisines available. The food and coffee were all very high quality, and the service professional and friendly. After breakfast we took a 5-minute walk down to the beach and swam in the ocean. This was to become something of a pattern for us for the remainder of our stay. It’s a charming little beach with warm water and small waves, but we spent most of our time at the Hotel pool. 

This review is based on our own personal experience, and we hope if you book at the hotel you have an equally amazing time! If you book via the button below, we may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

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Aerial view of Pinos Park Hotel and beach (top right)
The beach

Pool time 

Like most guests are days were centred around the pool. We had 3 kids in our group aged 5 to 8 and they swam for hours every day. There is a bar at the pool (very important for the adults) and as we had an all-inclusive package there was no need to bring a wallet or purse. Some spirits needed to be paid for (charged to room) but all beer, wine, coffee, and cocktails were included. The other guests were mainly Europeans – German, French, Dutch, and some English and there was always a happy and relaxed vibe. I know certain parts of Majorca have a reputation for wild parties, but this was very much a family friendly destination. 

Our favourite spot! Looking out on the pool and ocean

No time for boredom

There is always something to do! Just when you think that maybe you’ll go for a little nap or check your emails – professional acrobats arrive at the pool and put on a great show for all the guests! As we were to learn – entertainment is a very big part of the Iberostar hotel experience. And by the end of our week at the hotel we came to know the troupe of performers and instructors by name. The lovely young woman who lead aquarobics classes at the pool every day (and spin classes every afternoon) was also a dancer in the open air concerts at night. Open air concerts? Yes, that’s right. Every night.

Aerobics in the pool daily!


All meals are held in the same dining hall, with 3 sittings a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each night dinner had a different theme, and it was impossible to be bored of the very wide range of cuisine on offer. The only challenge was to not eat too much! (a challenge I failed miserably).

Inside the dining room at Iberostar Pinos Park

Show Time

After a hard day at the pool and a great meal, it was time for the show! Every single night there was an open-air show, with performances from the Iberostar performers staff and some special guests. A couple of great bands played during our stay, and the kids loved the Frozen show, and other plays especially designed for kids. And if you got bored of the show? No problem, just head to the outdoor bar for a drink, or play mini golf or ping pong.

At the end of every show the staff would perform a song called **** . It had a special dance that went with it, and by the end of the week all the families knew the words and were doing the dance like pros! (sushi sushi). It was such a sweet way to wrap up every day, and the obvious joy and comradery the staff and performers had with each other made you feel like you were part of a family. I know that sounds corny, but it’s true.

These guys absolutely rocked the house on our last night of the stay


This is the perfect place for your summer family vacation. The club is all-inclusive however you don’t have to book the all-inclusive option however, we definitely recommend it. You can basically eat and drink all day long, including alcohol and ice cream. The food is amazing and freshly prepared. For every meal, there is a special option that is different than the rest of the buffet. Regardless of allergies or preferences, you will find whatever your heart desires.

The Hotel is beautifully situated however, it is somewhat isolated meaning there isn’t much to see in walking distance. However, there is a bus stop just outside the hotel. There is never a dull moment at this hotel. From early morning until 10 am at night, there is some form of activity that you and your family can enjoy. The range of options is so big that you will benefit from downloading the Hotel app which as a timetable of all the things happening in the day.

Activities my wife enjoyed the most were spinning at the ocean, Zumba, pilates and Yoga., When it was really hot the aqua aerobic classes were fun to join. But it’s not only sport and exercise on offer, but you can also pick from cocktail making to archery shooting classes or simply watching a performance at the pool.

The kids club has amazing things on offer: science projects, face painting, various sports competitions, theatre, and lots of other fun activities and games. The resort features a large pool with separate areas and a totally separate kids pool. The Hotel is located at the beach which is shared with another Hotel. Every evening there is a big show for the whole family. This is the perfect Hotel if you enjoy all-inclusive holidays with entertainment. Honestly, we did not bother leaving the Hotel as the week went by so quickly and we certainly weren’t bored. However, you can book boat tours which leave directly at the Hotel if you wish to explore the island. They also offer diving tours.

We loved this place and can highly recommend it if you want a real fun-filled summer holiday with your family.

This review is based on our own personal experience, and we hope if you book at the hotel you have an equally amazing time! If you book via the button below, we may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

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