Coach Handbags Review 2023

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Recently, I decided to treat myself to two beautiful COACH handbags from Amazon. From the moment I received and unboxed them, I was thrilled with my choices, and have been using these bags regularly since. Today, I’d like to share my experience with the COACH Women’s Klare Leather Handbag and the COACH Mollie Tote 1671.

COACH Women’s Klare Handbag Review

First, I fell in love with the stylish COACH Women’s Klare Handbag. Its signature coated canvas and smooth leather finish instantly caught my attention.

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This handbag has perfect dimensions, being compact yet substantial. It measures 8 1/2″ (L) x 6 1/4″ (H) x 2 3/4″ (W). A sizable 22″ strap adds versatility, allowing me to wear it in 3 ways:

  1. A short shoulder bag
  2. A long shoulder bag
  3. A crossbody style

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Inside zip and multifunction pockets offer ample space for organization. The outside slip pocket makes access easy, while leather and fabric lining with snap closure ensure durability. This design is simply upscale.

Still, there are potential downsides to consider. The bag comes with a hefty shipping & import fee for people outside the US. Chain quality might also be concerning, due to its perceived plastic-like feel. Additionally, packaging during delivery is just a simple plastic bag, offering no additional protection I would have expected.


  • Versatile 3-way wearing options
  • Compact, but spacious with multiple pockets
  • Durable leather and fabric lining
  • Aesthetically pleasing signature coated canvas and smooth leather


  • Expensive shipping & import fees for foreign countries
  • Possible chain quality issues
  • Disappointing packaging during delivery

COACH Mollie Tote 1671

The COACH Mollie Tote 1671, currently available in Im/Brown Black, offers two size options: one size and large. It’s manufactured from pebble leather, and features inside multifunction pockets, zip-top closures, and 10 1/4″ drop handles. The tote measures 13.39×5.12×11.02 inches and has a weight of 1.83 pounds.

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What elevates the Mollie Tote for me is its versatility. It doesn’t matter if I’m running errands, headed to work, or off to a casual brunch, this bag seamlessly fits every occasion.

With an impressive rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from 369 reviews, the COACH Mollie Tote 1671 combines style and function. As a customer, it’s fair to desire the best. While the actual size of the bag was ideal for me, I could understand how others might find it smaller than expected. One thing that did disappoint me slightly was the lack of a dust bag, with only a COACH paper bag included.

Despite some users finding it smaller than expected, its design, durability, and price make it an appealing option.

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  • Premium pebble leather material
  • Stylish and functional design
  • Inside multifunction pocket and zip-top closure
  • Suitable for various occasions


  • Smaller size than expected for some users
  • No dust bag included, only a COACH paper bag
  • Large size might not suit all users

Final Verdict

Both handbags captivated me with their beautiful designs, versatility, and practicality. Although they possess some drawbacks, these COACH handbags remain top picks for me and many others.

In my view, these COACH Handbags are a blend of style and functionality. Despite minor downsides, the tote’s quality, design, and versatility make it a standout choice, and I have thoroughly enjoyed using it since my purchase.

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